Sunday, September 6, 2015

colored contact lenses acuvue

colored contact lenses acuvue, contact lens brand of PT Johnson & Johnson Indonesia launched its latest product.

After leading contact lens products market share with the proportion of 81%, Acuvue appeared with innovations for this type of disposable colored contact lenses called Acuvue Define.

Acuvue Define present to answer the needs of contact lens users not only to meet the health reasons but also beauty.

Lacreon technology used in these products can provide moisture to the eye for 20 hours. Meanwhile, the color can be chosen that is natural shine with gold gray color, accent style with black and vivid style with brown color.

Acuvue Brand Manager PT Johnson & Johnson Indonesia Rian Surachman said the growing number of users of contact lenses makes it that puts the health began to look at the beauty aspect. This year, he said, growth touched 14%. Meanwhile, for a daily contact lens users grow 20% in a year. This figure is dominated by younger users.

"This time we launched two variants of a new color is gray gold and black. As for the brown we relaunch today. Acuvue comes with a combination of aspects of health and beauty," he said at the launch of Acuvue Define in Exodus, Kuningan City, Jakarta, Thursday ( 07.05.2015).

Raising the amount of contact lens users drawn from a study called the 68% of women give priority to the eye as the body part to support your beauty. However, with the latest technology used precisely the eye's natural beauty highlighted by the use of disposable contact lenses.

"Highlighting the natural beauty of the eye so it's not so different even strange. But look more naturally beautiful," he said.

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