Monday, October 20, 2014

benefits of lemon tea in hindi

benefits of lemon tea in hindi Bertindak as a natural diuretic
Drinking lemon juice will increase the desire to urinate. So that the toxins in the body will be immediately removed from the body through urine and make your urinary tract healthy.

6.Menjaga skin health
Lemon as a natural antiseptic medicine, can help overcome the problems associated with the skin. Consuming lemon water regularly can make your face look more radiant. Because vitamin C in the lemon has a function as an anti-aging, remove wrinkles and blackheads. If applied to the area of ​​the scar blemishes on the skin can be problematic.

7.Mencegah dehydration
When your body is dehydrated, the organs can not perform all of its functions optimally, causing a buildup of toxins, stress, constipation and other health problems. Lemon contains minerals in significant amounts and will help you avoid the dangers of dehydration.

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