Sunday, October 26, 2014

honey face mask to get rid of pimples

honey face mask to get rid of pimples Let us see How to Create Direct Honey Mask for Face, may be useful for us all.
How to Make a Honey Mask for Face

     Pour pure honey into a saucepan, over low heat. benefits of pure honey so as not to impact negatively on the skin
     Then after the honey is poured into the pot, the honey you team
     Take a cucumber, and grated cucumber that can later mix with honey
     Additional egg whites and mix about two tablespoons
     Then stir to form a thick batter
     After that, turn off the heat, and let stand until cold dough that will not be harmful when applied to the skin
     How to make a honey mask is already finished
     How to use the honey mask is by applying it to the whole face
     Then let stand until the honey mask to dry for about thirty minutes

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